Opt Out of Major Studio Titles

Kanopy has acquired the rights to offer premium content, including content from Major Studios, to our Public Library Customers. Yet in order to make such content available, Kanopy must limit the viewing window for premium Titles to 48 hours, as well as implement a new pricing structure for accessing this content, in which rentals of premium Titles will be priced above $2. 

With the above in mind, Kanopy is providing our customers with an opportunity to Opt-Out of having access to PPU content that will be priced above $2. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that Kanopy will remove all PPU Titles priced above $2 from the collection of Titles available to your library via the Kanopy platform.

The submission of this form will only affect your library’s access to PPU Titles priced above $2, and will not impact access to all other content found on Kanopy – including Titles from Kanopy’s PPU Series offering, as well as Titles included within Kanopy Kids. Furthermore, if after submitting this form your library would like to reinstate access to premium content, you may do so by contacting your Kanopy Account Representative directly.