Meet Faculty Demand Webinar Through Film Catalog Diversity

In a recent survey of more than 500 librarians conducted by Kanopy last September, we delved into the issues that posed significant challenges beyond pricing in their libraries. The responses were abundant. In the recorded video below, we focus on “Meeting Faculty Demand through Catalog Diversity,” as part of our commitment to address the most prevalent pain points expressed by libraries and provide tips on how to mitigate some of the problems.

Recorded in October 2023 with ACRL CHOICE.

Maintaining a contemporary curriculum and enriching lesson plans with a diverse range of captivating content is paramount. In some cases, faculty are in search of video or film titles that aren’t available to stream, or in unavailable formats. The need for “popular” film titles is growing. University librarians are often faced with the challenge of having to meet the needs of faculty in search of films outside of their catalog or in unavailable formats. One solution to this challenge: diversify the catalog.

The top challenges that librarians identified in maintain a contemporary curriculum.

Expanding your library’s streaming video collection enhances available resources, providing impactful titles for faculty to enrich classroom lessons. With a diverse catalog, university librarians are equipped to recommend alternative titles that meet the needs of faculty requests.

In this webinar, we sit down with Kanopy’s Wendy Chamberlain, Senior Manager of Content Programming, to discuss the value and necessity of diversifying your university’s film collection.

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