Cinema Series

Welcome to our monthly film club, Kanopy Cinema Series, designed to connect faculty, students, and clubs with filmmakers, activists, and experts through a monthly spotlight of Kanopy films. 

Each month we highlight a film meant to encourage discussion and dialogue among faculty and students 

Don’t miss out on our last Kanopy Cinema Series event of the semester. This May, we’re examining Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) with our feature film, “Finding the Money.” Join us on a fascinating exploration of MMT alongside Dr. Stephanie Kelton, former chief economist for the Senate Budget Committee.

MMT has been making waves recently, challenging conventional beliefs about government spending and economic policy. Curious to learn more? Get your questions ready!

Stephanie Kelton and the director of “Finding the Money” will be live for a virtual Q&A session on Wednesday, May 8th. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with them directly.

Watch the film for free on Kanopy from May 6th to May 10th.

What to expect at Kanopy Cinema Series 

Free movie watching 
Every first week of the month faculty, staff, and students can watch the featured movie at no charge to the library. Watch each month’s selection on or get the Kanopy app:

Q&A session: A direct link to filmmakers 
Every first Wednesday, we host a festival-style Q&A where students and faculty have direct access to the filmmakers and experts discuss the film and answer questions. 

Spring 2024 Schedule

Each film consists of a free viewing period of one week and a Q&A session the Wednesday of that week

Finding the Money
Economists seek to upend how we see the national debt — and what money really is.

Watch free May 6 – 10 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, May 8
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Past Events

Werner Herzog – Radical Dreamer
Our Spring 2024 opener

Watch free Feb 5 – 9 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, Feb 7

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Plan C
Highlighting Women’s History Month and the fight for Reproductive Health

Watch free Mar 4 – 8 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, Mar 6

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A spotlight on Earth Day and climate change through the work of one extraordinary man

Watch free Apr 1 – 5 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, Mar 3

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