Kanopy Cinema Series

Welcome to our new monthly film club from Kanopy, the Kanopy Cinema Series, designed to connect faculty, students, and clubs with filmmakers, activists, and experts through a monthly spotlight of Kanopy films. 

Each month we highlight a film meant to encourage discussion and dialogue among faculty and students 

For Women’s History Month in March, we’re spotlighting a 2023 film coming to Kanopy, Plan C, which documents four recent years of the grassroots efforts of the Plan C campaign. Activists and providers in the film seek to expand access to abortion pills by mail amidst pandemic challenges and tightening reproductive rights with the threat to Roe v. Wade. Watch free on Kanopy starting March 4!

After viewing the film, join us on March 6 at 1pm EST for a LIVE Q&A with the director of the film, Tracy Droz Tragos, and the founder of Plan C, Francine Coeytaux.  Moderated by journalist and activist Eve Batey.

You can pre-submit questions you’d like answered during our live webinar. It’s going to be an engaging event; we hope you can make it!

Free movie watching 
Every first week of the month faculty, staff, and students can watch the featured movie at no charge to the library. Watch each month’s selection on kanopy.com or get the Kanopy app:

Q&A session: A direct link to filmmakers 
Every first Wednesday, we host a festival-style Q&A where students and faculty have direct access to the filmmakers and experts discuss the film and answer questions. 

Spring 2024 Schedule

Each film consists of a free viewing period of one week and a Q&A session the Wednesday of that week

Plan C
Highlighting Women’s History Month and the fight for Reproductive Health

Watch free Mar 4 – 8 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, Mar 6

A spotlight on Earth Day and climate change through the work of one extraordinary man

Watch free Apr 1 – 5 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, Mar 3
Registration coming soon

Exclusion U
Another glance at admissions at Ivy Leagues

Watch free May 6 – 10 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, May 8
Registration coming soon

Past Events

Werner Herzog – Radical Dreamer
Our Spring 2024 opener

Watch free Feb 5 – 9 on Kanopy
Q&A Wed, Feb 7

Thank you for attending!