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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Movie Discussion What’s Love Got to Do with It? highlights the positives and some of the downsides of arranged marriage. After watching the film, would you prefer to avoid the rigamarole of dating and jump to an arranged marriage or dive into the dating app scene? Are there any similarities between the two?  Think about the scene where Kaz (Sazad Latif) is on a first virtual date with Maymouna (Sajal Ali) and both of their families pop into the screen and start to answer questions for the two. Have you ever been in a similar situation? If not, how would you have handled that scenario?  As the film progresses it becomes apparent that regardless of cultural background parents play a major role in their children’s dating life. For instance, Zoe’s (Lily James) mom Cath (Emma Thompson) continued to push James (Oliver Chris) and Zoe together. Discuss the ways culture plays into how parents intervene in their children’s dating life (i.e. arranged marriage vs. pushy parent).  Throughout the film Kaz (Sazad Latif), Maymouna (Sajal Ali), and even Zoe (Lily James) hide their true feelings and actions to fall in line with what is expected of them. Do you think it is worth it to follow cultural norms at the expense of your own happiness? Have your own feelings about that changed over the years?  There is a point towards the end of the film where Zoe (Lily James) begins to settle for “good enough” in her dating life rather than continue to put herself out there to find the “real thing.” Would you have handled this in the same way as Zoe or behaved differently? Why?  The Pakistani culture is highlighted beautifully in this film. Does this spur questions or thoughts within you about your culture or upbringing?  What did you like best about the film? Why?  What did you like least about the film? Why?  If you had a chance to ask a character in this movie a question, what would it be? If you had a chance to ask the screenwriter a question, what would it be?